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The Editor:   What is startling, LL ?

Doper Cat:  Ohio had over 4,000 drug overdose deaths in 2016.  Maybe Kasich, the governor, should stop worrying about Trump and solve this unbelievable problem.

Here is some more startling news.  The PLO uses American donated tax money to give to the families of terrorist killed.

Not surprising, The Windy City is losing population.

Here is some good news,  cheaper desalination may be on the way.

The whole world is crazy.


The Editor:   Do our readers support Puerto Rico becoming a state, LL ?

No Hablo Espanol Gato:   They don’t want a state whose people have had a hundred and twenty years to learn English, but only 10 per-cent speak it.

They also don’t want a bankrupt territory to become a state.

TE:   What is the real reason that our readers don’t support statehood, Honest Reporter NHEG ?

The quality of government, including American oversight, is very poor.  Only two other governments in the Caribbean can’t successfully manage some of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Those two are Haiti and Cuba.

Power Outage

Image result for cartoon pics of electronic gadgets

During a recent power outage my PC, Laptop, TV, DVD, IPAD, and a new surround sound system were all shut down. Also my cell phone battery was dead. To make matters worse it was raining so I couldn’t play golf.

So I go to the kitchen to make coffee, OOPS, the coffee maker requires power, so I sit down and talked to my wife for a couple of hours.

You know, she seems like a nice person.



RIP  Gregg Allman.


The Editor:  What are you updating today, LL ?

WWE Cat:   After Greg  Gianforte body slammed the reporter and won the Montana race for U.S. Representative, he is seen here in this exclusive leaked video challenging Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper to a wrestling match.  He thinks a tag-team match will get him elected Senator.

Privacy is almost history.

The scenic route in California is temporarily closed.

The NFL is trying to get viewers back.  They will regret this one day.

If you are old enough to drive you should know not to leave anything explosive in a car/truck.  Leave your phone in the back seat and you won’t forget your babies back there.


The Editor:   Is this a monkey special, LL ?

Baboon Cat:  It sure is, a troop of baboons, monkeys, or Congressmen is more dangerous than a pack of hyenas.  Here are some monkeys in Indonesia,  who know how Washington works.

As a matter of fact  does this guy look like he stole his glasses ?

The more I think about it the more I think monkeys would govern us better than do-gooders.

TE:  What is a do-gooder, baboon cat ?

Even God only wants 10 per-cent Cat:   It is a person who misuses the power of government to take your property, money, and liberty/freedom to give to other people.  They are usually rich, but want to keep their money.   Here is a perfect example, this joker censors Facebook blogs he doesn’t like.  He also wants Universal Basic Income, but doesn’t mention giving up his BILLIONS.