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The Editor:  Do you have a good quote, LL ?

Stupid Cat:   I sure do, the above quote has been changed by the American common folk.  NO ONE EVER LOST MONEY UNDER ESTIMATING THE STUPIDITY OF THE AMERICAN VOTER.

It certainly applies to American Politicians.   The money they get usually comes from lobbyist, and favors they did for businesses.  Usually the big stuff comes from speeches after leaving office.  Short timers like Obama allegedly get their money for books and speeches.

TE:   Where do  LIFERS  get their piece of the pie, SC ?  Do you have an example of one still in office ?

Jiffy Lube Cat:   They get it from the same people/businesses, but over 20-50 years of service and grants/contracts to family members and friends it adds up.  They get millions for being on the boards of directors of companies, and cheap bank loans.  If Nancy Pelosi  weren’t so honest she could be an example.

Here is an ole girl that just can’t let go of the taxpayer.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

NGC 3628: The Hamburger Galaxy
Image Credit & Copyright: Eric Coles and Mel Helm

Explanation: No, hamburgers are not this big. What is pictured is a sharp telescopic views of a magnificent edge-on spiral galaxy NGC 3628 show a puffy galactic disk divided by dark dust lanes. Of course, this deep galactic portrait puts some astronomers in mind of its popular moniker, The Hamburger Galaxy. The tantalizing island universe is about 100,000 light-years across and 35 million light-years away in the northern springtime constellation Leo. NGC 3628 shares its neighborhood in the local Universe with two other large spirals M65 and M66 in a grouping otherwise known as the Leo Triplet. Gravitational interactions with its cosmic neighbors are likely responsible for the extended flare and warp of this spiral’s disk.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space