Archive | May 10, 2017


The Editor:   What is Bezos doing in Seattle, LL ?

I Feel Like a Honeybee Cat:  He is building a biosphere to improve life in the city.

The CIA has been teaching everybody and everything to spy for us.  I wonder how they missed the fall of the Soviet Union, the World Trade Centers, and Hussein’s  weapons of mass destruction.  Maybe they were too busy spying on presidential races and American Citizens.

Congress is letting our Special Forces be used too much/often, just like they let soldiers do seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Congress has no shame.

Almost everything is smart, these days.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

UGC 1810: Wildly Interacting Galaxy from Hubble
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, HLA; Processing & Copyright: Domingo Pestana

Explanation: What’s happening to this spiral galaxy? Although details remain uncertain, it surely has to do with an ongoing battle with its smaller galactic neighbor. The featured galaxy is labelled UGC 1810 by itself, but together with its collisional partner is known as Arp 273. The overall shape of the UGC 1810 — in particular its blue outer ring — is likely a result of wild and violent gravitational interactions. This ring’s blue color is caused by massive stars that are blue hot and have formed only in the past few million years. The inner galaxy appears older, redder, and threaded with cool filamentary dust. A few bright stars appear well in the foreground, unrelated to UGC 1810, while several galaxies are visible well in the background. Arp 273 lies about 300 million light years away toward the constellation of Andromeda. Quite likely, UGC 1810 will devour its galactic sidekick over the next billion years and settle into a classic spiral form.

Tomorrow’s picture: double dark boom