The Editor:  Those are a variety of subjects, LL.

A Little Won’t Hurt You Cat:   They sure are, here is the drone part.

Here is the radiation part.  Our government must still think that there is no internet so we can research how much they are poisoning us.   There has never been a radiation leak, screw up, a thousand bombs exploded in Utah and Nevada, not to mention Three Mile Island, that has harmed an American.  A little bit won’t hurt you.  The federal government should be moved to a Super Fund Toxic Nuclear clean up site.  Move them to Hanford, Washington.

This is a further update.  The officials say dirt and gravel will contain the radiation.  In the meantime the poison will be cleaned up by 2060, that 42 years from now.

Here is the story of two multi-millionaires.  One prepared for the future one didn’t.  One wants more water, if it is for private non-commercial use, who cares ?

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