The Editor:   Is this a monkey special, LL ?

Baboon Cat:  It sure is, a troop of baboons, monkeys, or Congressmen is more dangerous than a pack of hyenas.  Here are some monkeys in Indonesia,  who know how Washington works.

As a matter of fact  does this guy look like he stole his glasses ?

The more I think about it the more I think monkeys would govern us better than do-gooders.

TE:  What is a do-gooder, baboon cat ?

Even God only wants 10 per-cent Cat:   It is a person who misuses the power of government to take your property, money, and liberty/freedom to give to other people.  They are usually rich, but want to keep their money.   Here is a perfect example, this joker censors Facebook blogs he doesn’t like.  He also wants Universal Basic Income, but doesn’t mention giving up his BILLIONS.

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