The Editor:   Are numbers important, LL-do they foretell the future, are you an Astrologer?

9 Lives Cat:   They are very important.  They are the last bastion of certainty in a world distorted by  fake news.  So far they can’t get the average American to believe that 2 plus 2 equals anything but 4.  They do foretell future events.  I am the official Astrologer of The Sphinx.  This is my most fun article since the last article on sex in the Members only Edition.  Route 66 has made a comeback.  The road from Chicago to California in the olden days.

There was even a TV series about traveling it.

Martin Milner stayed in California and became a cop.

Another great ole TV show was Surfside 6.  Troy Donahue got his start there, it was even before Baywatch.

Amigo says I have to leave the rest for tomorrow.  Here are two last sixes.

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