The Editor:   Some of our loyal younger readers don’t know who THE MAN is. LL.   Could you tell them ?

Don’t Complain Cat:   I sure can, The Man is ( a colloquialism ) for a man, woman, institution, or other who has power/authority over you.  It usually is used in a derogatory or mean spirited manner.   In this context it also means legal but not ethical or good for you.

TE:  Could you give our loyal Millennial readers an example, DCC ?    

You Bet Cat;  Once laws aren’t enforced by those in power everyone will take care of themselves and their families.  Here are two examples of the American Government and some Millennial’s destiny as laws are abused or not enforced.  There is only so much that American citizens will take.

TE:   Is The Man always bad, YBC ?

Houston Cat:  Not always, but most of the time.

I almost forgot,  I want to see the do-gooders take down Sam Houston’s statue.

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