The Editor:   What is going on with the Congressional Shooting, LL ?

Citizen Cat:   There are a bunch of reasons for acts like this, and a bunch of consequences.  The first is Congresspeople will want more protection.  The second will be a call to take away your guns.  Let them face the American people like the rest of us, join the jungle out here.

A big contributor to the senseless shooting is the constant divisive talk for the past eight years,  Did you ever hear O say protest peacefully ?  All I have heard is hate speech from CNN, MSNBC, Hillary, Waters, Pocahontas, Schumer, the paid demonstrators, and the other haters.

There are thousands of Americans who aren’t mentally able to put aside the hate that these creeps spew every day.  After hearing these vile people over and over again they crack.  They are on the edge already.   These creeps should be talking civilly with respect, and honor the election.  Some of them make Hitler sound reasonable.

I sure hope that the day doesn’t come that the CNN and MSNBC personalities need more security than they already get.

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