Trump decided to make India Great==with our fighter planes, no less.


The Editor:  Did you see the leaked Sphinx article, LL ?

Beaver Cat:  I sure did, Amigo said he was not involved, but I’m not sure.  The first article, that was scrubbed cleaner than Hill-girl’s server, was about the Pope not giving absolution to Lobsters.  I almost published it but Amigo saved my reputation.

I told Amigo that if the Pope started excommunicating crooks, thieves, drunks, child abusers, extortionist, and low life scum that the DNC would have to close its doors.

Anyway, I hired a well know leak suppressor from Holland.,_or_The_Silver_Skates

I completely misread this article.  I thought Tom & Jerry had turned into advocates for things that animated characters don’t know anything about.

Again, Amigo saved my professional reputation.  Everyone knows ole Ben & Jerry save money by screwing immigrants, Obama is probably an advisor.

Here is a Supreme Court ruling that should let the Washington football team keep their old name.

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