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The Editor:   That is a lot of news to cover, LL.

News Cat:  It sure is, I hope I can get it all in during my 15 minutes of being awake.  Here is an article about rats, who want the taxpayer to pay for their home security system.  They took a voice vote,  so no record of who voted for it is available.    Maybe we can also pay for their whores and teenage sex slaves.

Here are some bats in trouble.  They must have been at a DNC meeting with the Cocaine on their noses.

Here is why I don’t like public transportation.

Here is a professional baseball player who thinks he is a politician,  and doesn’t have to follow rules.  After him and the manager I would have thrown out a few fans.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Pluto Flyover from New Horizons
Credit: NASA, JHUAPL, SwRI, P. Schenk & J. Blackwell (LPI); Music Open Sea Morning by Puddle of Infinity

Explanation: What if you could fly over Pluto — what might you see? The New Horizons spacecraft did just this in 2015 July as it shot past the distant world at a speed of about 80,000 kilometers per hour. Recently, many images from this spectacular passage have been color enhanced and digitally combined into the featured two-minute time-lapse video. As your journey begins, light dawns on mountains thought to be composed of water ice but colored by frozen nitrogen. Soon, to your right, you see a flat sea of mostly solid nitrogen that has segmented into strange polygons that are thought to have bubbled up from a comparatively warm interior. Craters and ice mountains are common sights below. The video dims and ends over terrain dubbed bladed because it shows 500-meter high ridges separated by kilometer-sized gaps. Although the robotic New Horizons spacecraft has too much momentum ever to return to Pluto, it has now been targeted at Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU 69, which it should shoot past on New Year’s Day 2019.

Tomorrow’s picture: sand shower


The Editor:   Was your ATC article successful, LL ?

The Cat;  It sure was, we saved a man’s marriage by showing him that sex can be costly.  Here is a Docuatory of what we prevented.

Here are some new questions.  What can I do to save my next job, as Police Commissioner ?   Get your employees to turn on their body cams, interview witnesses at the scene, and give the future murderers 1 bullet to put in their shirt pocket.

As mayor, what can I do to provide more water for Rome, Italy ?    Update your water system.

Why don’t airplanes have an alarm that sounds if the landing gear is not secured ?   They didn’t think that qualified pilots would be that stupid.  The pilots were probably too busy talking about renaming the cockpit.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Total Eclipse at the End of the World
Image Credit & Copyright: Fred Bruenjes (

Explanation: Would you go to the end of the world to see a total eclipse of the Sun? If you did, would you be surprised to find someone else there already? In 2003, the Sun, the Moon, Antarctica, and two photographers all lined up in Antarctica during an unusual total solar eclipse. Even given the extreme location, a group of enthusiastic eclipse chasers ventured near the bottom of the world to experience the surreal momentary disappearance of the Sun behind the Moon. One of the treasures collected was the featured picture — a composite of four separate images digitally combined to realistically simulate how the adaptive human eye saw the eclipse. As the image was taken, both the Moon and the Sun peeked together over an Antarctic ridge. In the sudden darkness, the magnificent corona of the Sun became visible around the Moon. Quite by accident, another photographer was caught in one of the images checking his video camera. Visible to his left are an equipment bag and a collapsible chair. A more easily visible solar eclipse will occur in about three weeks and be visible from the USA.

Tomorrow’s picture: surfing pluto


The time is drawing closer for this  once in a lifetime event. FYI…Amazon Prime has Solar Eclipse Glasses – CE and ISO Certified Safe Shades for Direct Sun Viewing…..I  hope you will allow your children and/or grandchildren the opportunity to safely watch
this historical event. This cannot even be blocked by the Democrats.

Lois Lion