The Editor:   That sounds exciting, LL.   What is it about ?

Hope & Change Cat:   The hope and change was BS.  Diversity is BS.  What the creeps want is no borders, no English, and no freedom left in America.  Here are two examples.   Serena can’t compete against the top rated men unless she has HGH drugs.  It’s a natural fact, but you have to be politically correct.

Here is what the  ” swamp creatures want for the average American “, to have to get an app for your phone to see if you can go shopping in your own neighborhood without getting raped or killed.  Naturally DC would be well protected.

TE:   Could you give our loyal readers an example of when change doesn’t work ?

Change for diversity or social engineering is a polite way of taking away your rights.   Ask Kunta Kinte  or Toby.

Here are two examples of chasing.

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