The Editor:   Why is everyone making fun of Trump for tweeting, LL ?

Just Win Baby-Cat:  If he did what McCain and Romney did he wouldn’t be president.  Remember what they said ” he is a good Christian & don’t use his middle name”.  I am proud that Trump stands up for himself and us.  For all I care the MSM can pi** up a cat rope.  Here are some interesting news items.

Maybe the Supreme Court has finally told the 5 th Circuit Court that they are tired of overruling their poor legal decisions.

Why do Americans put up with being abused by the airlines ?  Let a Congressperson sit in a leaky airplane.

Trump is using Roman Concrete for the wall.

Chicago is out of control, where are Maxine, Hill-gal, Pocahontas, Jessie, Obama, Schumer, and Sharpton ?  Maybe Chicago needs a wall.

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