The Editor:  What is this about, LL ?

Ask The Cat:  It is an advertisement for mine and Amigo’s new internet business.  It is an app that you use for free, but if we save your job, reputation, life, portfolio, or family you send us a 10 % fee.

Do you have an example, ATC ?

I sure do.  If this guy had used our app he would have saved a job worth millions.  If he had asked if it was wise to use a college/employer paid for  phone to call an escort service we would have said are you  Foxtrot-Uniform-Charlie-Kilo-India-November-Golf, stupid ?   Use a throwaway phone for sex, dope, tax, or treason calls.  Congresspeople use the same type of phone for teenage sex partners and bribes.  Don’t lose a multi-million dollar job because of stupidity.

Here is another example.  My country has had more people murdered the last ten years than American deaths in Vietnam.  What should I do ?

Ask Trump if he can restart the Fast and Furious illegal gun shipments that Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, had to ship illegal guns to the drug cartels.  If he could,  the drug dealers would continue to kill each other.  Oh, I forgot, Obama gave Holder Executive Immunity for his illegal actions.  He is now representing illegal immigrants for Californication.

Once the blood suckers reach the level of Holder there isn’t much to be done.  He isn’t my kind of man.

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