The Editor:   Was your ATC article successful, LL ?

The Cat;  It sure was, we saved a man’s marriage by showing him that sex can be costly.  Here is a Docuatory of what we prevented.

Here are some new questions.  What can I do to save my next job, as Police Commissioner ?   Get your employees to turn on their body cams, interview witnesses at the scene, and give the future murderers 1 bullet to put in their shirt pocket.

As mayor, what can I do to provide more water for Rome, Italy ?    Update your water system.

Why don’t airplanes have an alarm that sounds if the landing gear is not secured ?   They didn’t think that qualified pilots would be that stupid.  The pilots were probably too busy talking about renaming the cockpit.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—-ASK THE CAT 2

  1. LOL…about renaming the cockpit, Lois Lion. So, here we have, not one, but two female pilots. They settle for flying 11,000 feet below the normal flying altitude…then fly at less than half the speed….because their new airbus cannot climb high enough or go fast enough and they never ask WHY? It seems that someone at Command Central would have been singing ‘The Little Plane That Could’ (I think you, can, I think you can)…or.. ‘I Believe You can Fly…I Believe You can reach the sky.” My “Check Engine” light comes on to remind me to check a LONG LIST of items in my car. One pilot probably dropped her lipstick and noticed the fuel gauge when she bent to pick it up. Pretty soon…”They would have had just enough fuel to get to the scene of the CRASH!”

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