The Editor:   Is this about people having trouble sleeping, LL ?

Drowsy Cat:  It sure is,  here is a cure for not being able to sleep.   Buy a  Ford Explorer or be a policeman.   The only problem you might have is waking up.   There is no wonder that the police are killing the wrong people, and knocking down the wrong doors.  They have carbon-monoxide poisoning.  Ford gives the classic reply ( it’s only a little bit ).    Maybe it is a little bit, just enough to make you drowsy or slow down your reflexes enough to hit a bus of blind children and nuns head-on.

Speaking of sleeping, carbon monoxide might put you to sleep long enough to keep you from knowing that your surgeon is doing 2 ( two ) operations at the same time.

Maybe that is why this statistic is so high.

Speaking of mistakes this is a good one.  The news media can’t even print a current photo.

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