Here is a recall on toxic  iPhone cases.


The Editor:   What is going on with slaves, LL ?

Kunta Kinte Cat:    I don’t understand the issue.  Maybe we need a cable channel devoted just to slavery.   OF COURSE YOU WOULD HAVE TO SHOW THAT DEMOCRATS WERE THE ONES WHO OWNED SLAVES.   The Republicans, patriots, and Lincoln freed them.

The Millennials  are getting their freedom from their parent’s basements.

Speaking of fires, a little fire retardant is good for you.

Speaking of the Land of Saud/Bush they said thank you very much, but we will keep our entire country.  ( This is part of the new world order’s attempt to do away with borders ).

The Editor:   Did you ever find a song that translated from Farsi to English would show where women stand in much of Muslim Land, KKC ?

Free Cat:   I couldn’t find one, but except for cutting off the clitoris of 7 year old girls,  having women wear Burkas & Niqabs, and ” honor killings “,  this is the best one I could find.

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