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The Editor:    Have you done a scientific survey about the rich and poor, LL ?

Scientific Cat:  I have, and not one sane person said that being poor was an advantage over being rich.  Here are some examples of the off-beat rich.  The President gives his salary to help the poor.

These gals/guys are just having fun.

The millionaires can also reach their limit.

Here is a great car, but it can’t do much more than a new F-150.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Gravity’s Grin
Image Credit: X-ray – NASA / CXC / J. Irwin et al. ; Optical – NASA/STScI

Explanation: Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, published over 100 years ago, predicted the phenomenon of gravitational lensing. And that’s what gives these distant galaxies such a whimsical appearance, seen through the looking glass of X-ray and optical image data from the Chandra and Hubble space telescopes. Nicknamed the Cheshire Cat galaxy group, the group’s two large elliptical galaxies are suggestively framed by arcs. The arcs are optical images of distant background galaxies lensed by the foreground group’s total distribution of gravitational mass. Of course, that gravitational mass is dominated by dark matter. The two large elliptical “eye” galaxies represent the brightest members of their own galaxy groups which are merging. Their relative collisional speed of nearly 1,350 kilometers/second heats gas to millions of degrees producing the X-ray glow shown in purple hues. Curiouser about galaxy group mergers? The Cheshire Cat group grins in the constellation Ursa Major, some 4.6 billion light-years away.

Tomorrow’s picture: exploding meteor