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The Editor:   What is happening with ships, LL ?

Landlubber Cat:   ” Old Ironsides ” is like new, again.

The Gerald Ford is new.

The Pentagon is still dysfunctional.

Lake Tahoe is full.

This is a stupid article.  The programmers  are incompetent.  These are the same programmers that rigged the Volkswagen results.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Milky Way and Exploding Meteor
Image Credit & Copyright: André van der Hoeven

Explanation: Next weekend the Perseid Meteor Shower reaches its maximum. Grains of icy rock will streak across the sky as they evaporate during entry into Earth’s atmosphere. These grains were shed from Comet Swift-Tuttle. The Perseids result from the annual crossing of the Earth through Comet Swift-Tuttle‘s orbit, and are typically the most active meteor shower of the year. Although it is hard to predict the level of activity in any meteor shower, in a clear dark sky an observer might see a meteor a minute. This year’s Perseids peak nearly a week after full Moon, and so some faint meteors will be lost to the lunar skyglow. Meteor showers in general are best be seen from a relaxing position, away from lights. Featured here is a meteor caught exploding during the 2015 Perseids above Austria next to the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Tomorrow’s picture: rings of galaxy