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Watch out for fake eclipse glasses.


The Editor:  Is someone having a rat rodeo, LL ?

Eek, Eek, Cat:  The New Yorkers are worried about rats again.  They should clean the rat-hole up, or hire more of these guys.

Here is a surprise, Roundup causes cancer ?  The FDA/EPA was busy picking up their brown paper bags full of cash.

Not to be out done Victoria’s Secret contributes to Chinese Pedophiles.

Forest fires help wild bees.  I guess the bad part would be burning down their colony.

Are Cubans using sonic weapons ?  They are probably playing the rap stuff.   It makes you stoopid-look at Maxine Waters.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Day in the Life of a (mostly) Human Sundial
Video Credit & Copyright: Astronomie-AG, Progymnasium Rosenfeld, Till Credner,

Explanation: Have you ever wanted to be a gnomon? Of course, a gnomon is the tall part of a sundial that casts a shadow. The gnomon’s shadow moves as the Sun moves across the sky, indicating time by the shadow’s position on the dial face. So on July 19th, the Astronomy Group of the Progymnasium Rosenfeld created a human sundial, each participant patiently playing the role of the gnomon for 10 minutes. In this timelapse video of their temporal voyage of discovery, one image was taken every 20 seconds from 8 am until 4 pm Central European Summer Time. Drawn on the ground are the dial hour marks calculated to show the local time for that specific date. Behind, the tower clock offers a time check. Can you find the local time of solar noon? (Hint: At solar noon the Sun is on the meridan.) The persistent group plans a repetition of the human sundial performance next winter to compare the length of the day and the altitude of the Sun.

Tomorrow’s picture: miasma of plasma