Here is a political skank.  Who believes CNN on anything ?…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.5.468…0i131k1.sv_HijYcqEI


The Editor:    What is going on with the malls, LL ?

Master Card Cat:   Some will stay open to give people on SSRI drugs a place to target practice.

The closed malls could be used by the police in New York to store dead bodies instead of using the break-rooms of the transit authority.

If they did this it might keep some of the rats from eating babies.   The morons in San Franstupido could use the vacant malls for the homeless.  It sure beats this idea.  You can’t even get building permits in San Franexpensiveo for $ 50,000.  Besides, who wants a mentally ill homeless person or a drug addict living in your back yard.

Here is the best answer to this problem.  If the newly relocated homeless become dangerous you could move them to the Governor’s Mansion, Mayor’s House, or Maxine Water’s back yard.

Maxine is a good spokesperson for the poor.

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