The Editor:   What is going on with all the new names in politics, LL ?

Constitution Cat:   I can’t keep up with them.  Here are some links.  The best that I can make out is that, (antifa is a loosely knit bunch of criminals who would rather burn down a college that eat ” Dunkin’.”

The altright is similarly prone to violence and anarchy.  They would rather bash Jews, blacks, or any other minority in the head than smoke dope.  The broad categories are klu-kluxers,  skin-heads, and other small groups.

The altleft is no better.  They are Communist, Nazis, and other God, Country, Family, and Constitution hating creeps.  They would rather take away your freedom of speech than have sex.  See Waters, Schumer, Pocahontas, Hit-lery, Pelosi, Obama,  and new entry Keith Ellison.   Have you ever seen one of these protest the altleft violence ?

The altleft wants California to secede from the union.  One problem is, it has been tried before.  Another problem is that 47.7 % of California is owned by America not California.

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