We need a new Secretary of The Navy.


The Editor:   What is the big deal about Big Ben going silent for 4 years, LL ?

Ding Dong Cat:   Who cares, just make a recording and play it at the right times.   Don’t play it when it will interfere with the Muslim call to prayer-five times a day.

Tiger is lucky that he isn’t silenced, forever.

Niagara  Waste Water is silent about another release of poison.   If you have to call in experts from California something is wrong.

This is hard to keep quiet about.  It is unbelievable that there are no security cameras at our national monuments.   Maybe Congress is afraid that their members will be caught on video having sex with boys.

Shush about this.


  1. I hope Tiger has placed some guards around his estate. After his medicine cabinet has been made public, he is in real danger of being robbed.

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