Our readers in The Gulf should check their local forecast.


The Editor:    What is the title about, LL ?

Pigeon English Cat:   It’s just Pigeon English for what is happening.  Here is ” Ole Puerto Rico “, concerned about statehood.   Give them back to Spain, we want people who speak English.  About 7 percent speak fluent English (  after over a hundred years ).  The last one anyone noticed was Geraldo Rivera.

Facebook is starting to lose customers.

Disney should sell their shares in ESPN.   Oh I almost forgot, Disney is firing Americans to hire cheaper help from India and China.  This Robert Lee guy should fit right in.

The Editor:    Why are the people protesting Trump a bunch of skanky bootlickers, PEC ?

What a bunch of scum.  If they weren’t political operatives of the Nazi Democratic ex-slave holders they would be in Chi-town protesting the murder of black kids.

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