The Editor:  Is sportsmanship still something to strive for, LL ?  You know,  you learn teamwork, respect for other people, how to control your emotions, and winning isn’t the most important thing.  You build character and learn self respect.

Spare Me The BS Cat:    I’m sure sports does do some of those things,  but I have come to believe that any public employee should always be on camera while at work     ( except in the bathroom by themselves ).  This first article and video is not for the squeamish.   If it happened at Gitmo the UN would be screaming torture for the poor terrorist.   This and the other families whose 13 year olds were abused by school employees will probably get 10 million dollars each.  Personally they look like hate crimes.

Here are two major league teams showing their sportsmanship.   At least they are adults.

Some people can’t show courtesy or respect for others.  They can’t stay between the lines.

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