The Editor:   Is this about doing small home jobs yourself, to save money,  LL?

Watch This Cat:  It sure is, that’s what made Home Depot and Lowe’s great American companies.

The Editor:   For our frugal readers who can’t afford big bucks for home projects could you give us a step by step plan on a project ?

Amigo’s Plan Cat:   The first steps in a plan is to have a few Bloody Mary’s or White Russians.   If there are limbs 2 feet over your house which blow into your electrical wires from REA when the wind blows you have to take charge.

The Editor:   Are there basic safety rules, APC ?

Amigo watched these videos, but our loyal readers should consult a professional or two.

Amigo’s plan worked this time, but it was completely luck.  The limbs look smaller 25 feet up.


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