Irma Updates——Find a safe place.

The Editor:  Who is incompetent, LL ?

Go Figure Cat:  The latest SNAFU is from the fools at Equifax.  One of the three major credit rating agencies that decide how much you pay in interest on loans and even how much you pay for auto/home insurance.

The Editor:   What happened, GFC ?

My Mother’s Maiden Name Was Fluffy Cat:  Hackers got everything on every one over eighteen ( names, addresses, DOB, driver license numbers, mother’s maiden name, card expiration date, SS numbers, etc.   The funny part was the delay in reporting the security failure, and three company officers selling stock between the break-in and reporting the same.  IT WAS A COINCIDENCE,

What else is funny is that they expect us to believe that three ( 3 ) senior executives are kept ignorant of a major SNAFU.   What they should have done was use Hill-creep’s old server in the bathroom out in Colorado.  Here are some small SNAFU’s.

Equifax management’s, lies, and excuses are all no good.  They should send a certified letter to all of their customers who were hacked, and give free theft protection for five ( 5 ) years.

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