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The  Editor:  What is universal-basic-income, LL ?

I Have Lived Too Long Cat:   That is when everyone is given a basic income, you don’t have to work or think of anything.   Let’s give Zukerberg’s money to the homeless in La La Land.

Here is another income redistribution attempt.

I wish these skanks had tried to rob this McDonald’s.   They got justice, and convicted.  This is one of The Sphinx’s most viewed videos.

Here is another screeching, screaming, rapacious, money-grabbing swamp sow.   The second video is also widely read.

This is the most bizarre story of the year.   This guy was forsaken & then forsook.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Concept Plane: Supersonic Green Machine
Illustration Credit: NASA, Lockheed Martin Co.

Explanation: What will passenger airplanes be like in the future? To help brainstorm desirable and workable attributes, NASA sponsors design competitions. Shown here is an artist’s depiction of a concept plane that was suggested in 2010. This futuristic plane would be expected to achieve supersonic speeds, possibly surpassing the speeds of the supersonic transport planes that ran commercially in the late twentieth century. In terms of noise reduction, the future aircraft has been drawn featuring an inverted V wing stretched over its engines. The structure is intended to reduce the sound from annoying sonic booms. Additionally, future airplanes would aim to have relatively little impact on our environment, including green limits on pollution and fuel consumption. Aircraft utilizing similar design concepts might well become operational by the 2030s.

Tomorrow’s picture: star ring