Archive | October 5, 2017


The Editor:  Is this like the magazine from the 1960’s, LL ?   You know,  where the story teller goes to empty a pot and a Grizzly Bear almost eats him ?

Daniel Boone Cat:  It is almost as bizarre.  Luckily, Amigo has been cutting limbs recently, and saved over $ 500.00.   He might apply at this company if he can find a Human Resources Employee that speaks English.

TE:  Did Amigo have a situation, DBC ?

Davey Crockett Cat:    I’ll say,  Amigo has been laughing all Summer about the Mocking Birds chasing crows away from the Mocking Birds nest by his Propane Tank.  He went to trim the weeds yesterday and they attacked him like a Christian at a Democratic Party Meeting.   He barely escaped.  It was almost like this.

He is getting a Ramar of the Jungle helmet before finishing the weeds.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Pluto’s Bladed Terrain
Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Institute

Explanation: Imaged during the New Horizons spacecraft flyby in July 2015, Pluto’s bladed terrain is captured in this close-up of the distant world. The bizarre texture belongs to fields of skyscraper-sized, jagged landforms made almost entirely of methane ice, found at extreme altitudes near Pluto’s equator. Casting dramatic shadows, the tall, knife-like ridges seem to have been formed by sublimation. By that process, condensed methane ice turns directly to methane gas without passing through a liquid phase during Pluto’s warmer geological periods. On planet Earth, sublimation can also produce standing fields of knife-like ice sheets, found along the high plateau of the Andes mountain range. Known as penitentes, those bladed structures are made of water ice and at most a few meters tall.

Tomorrow’s picture: pixels in space