Our readers on the Gulf Coast and cone forecast of Nate should get their water and gas today.


The  Editor:   Do you know about the Bill of Rights, LL ?

The Patriot Cat:   I sure do.   The Americans, in the olden days, voted for the creation of a new country, on the condition that a BILL OF RIGHTS be approved for the New Constitution.  These amendments were approved to KEEP THE GOVERNMENT FROM ABUSING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  The government was created by the people.

I have a simple solution to those who want to do away with guns.  Lets have a Constitutional Convention and do away with the first ten amendments (  THE BILL OF RIGHTS ).   Then everyone will be happy.   All  guns can then be forbidden.  None for the police, none for law abiding citizens, none for killers, none for the armed services  and   ESPECIALLY  NONE FOR SECURITY PERSONNEL FOR ANY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE OR RICH PERSON.    The plan will work just like Prohibition in  The Roaring Twenties,  and the War on Drugs for the last 70 or so years.  Let’s do it.

The Editor:  Are you serious, TPC ?  Is there some other remedy to try ?

John Adams Cat:  Let’s ban all guns for security personnel  for politicians and everyone else——NO  EXCEPTIONS, NONE, NADA, O.   Many countries have tried it except for the government and rich people having guns.  Even Frankie’s gun would be confiscated.

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