Security Guard disappears.  This whole Las Vegas deal is fishy.


The Editor:   Is there really nothing new, LL ?

Ute Cat:   There isn’t anything new in human behavior.

TE:   What about the hatchet throwing in New Jersey, UC ?

Chippewa Cat:   If they want to make money and get those new franchises they should throw hatchets or tomahawks at politicians.  Here is the last successful tomahawk thrower.

As much as I try to show sympathy, empathy, and all the other good feelings that are cat-admirable I just can’t bring myself to find any feelings for people who go hiking in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan or any other countries that are hell-holes, thanks mostly to Bush 43.  Mostly, they get what any stupid person would get.

What sane State Department would issue them Passports/Visas/Documents ?

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