Archive | November 5, 2017

The Color of Slaves: Makes You Think!!

Some 200 hundred years ago, some of the white people (North and South) sat on their porches and watched the people of color do the work that needed to be done so the whites could live the life they wanted.

If the people of color didn’t produce enough to keep the whites happy, the whites complained about it..

It was called slavery.

Today, 200 years later, a many people of color (North, South, East, West & Central) sit on the Porch of their Section 8 Living Quarters and watch the White people work, pay the taxes, that are necessary for support people of color to live the life they want.

If their welfare checks are not enough to keep them happy, the people of color demonstrate & complain about it.

It would appear to me that the only thing that has changed in the last 200 years is the color of the slaves.


The Editor:  What do you know about money, LL ?

Scrooge Cat:   I know it or a replacement makes the world go around.

California has forgotten how money and economics are related.   When prices are too high, black markets pop-up.

A nurse gets her pay-back.  It is a shame it isn’t from the cop who roughed her up.  He should do six months on a chain-gang.

Here is an idea implemented with private money.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Year of Full Moons
Image Credit & Copyright: Talha Zia

Explanation: Do all full moons look the same? No. To see the slight differences, consider this grid of twelve full moons. From upper left to lower right, the images represent every lunation from 2016 November through 2017 October, as imaged from Pakistan. The consecutive full moons are all shown at the same scale, so unlike the famous Moon Illusion, the change in apparent size seen here is real. The change is caused by the variation in lunar distance due to the Moon’s significantly non-circular orbit. The dark notch at the bottom of the full moon of 2017 August is the shadow of the Earth — making this a partial lunar eclipse. Besides the sometimes exaggerated coloring, a subtler change in appearance can also be noticed on close examination, as the Moon seems to wobble slightly from one full moon to the next. This effect, known as libration, is more dramatic and easier to see in this lunation video highlighting all of the ways that the Moon appears to change over a month (moon-th).

Tomorrow’s picture: jet source imaged