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Watch the Georgia Dome get blown up/down Monday Morning.


The Editor:  Do government superiors have sex with their employees, LL ?

Does Cat:   Does Hershey have chocolate ?  Does Battle Creek have corn flakes ?  Do nuclear reactors leak poison ?   You bet.  Let me start with ole Bill & Hill.

In my first life Bill, Hill, and the Democrats showed that it was OK to have sex with people that worked for you.  Even women’s groups like NOW didn’t say a peep.

The U.S. House of Representatives abolished their ” Page Program ” because of sexual problems with teenage boys and the Representatives.  The Pages were children of voters in their districts that worked temporarily to see how the world really worked.

The scandals are so frequent that they have a slush fund to settle the law suits.  In the budget it is listed under male/female whorehopping and teenage sex.

The truest words ever spoken in DC were ” Don’t get caught with a dead girl or live boy “, and ” If you want a friend-get a dog “.