Letter to the Editor of Common Sense

The Pike County Board of Education is discussing re-issuing diplomas for Class of 1969. Deputy Superintendent Ross Iddings told the BOE that during the1968 school year “13 students left class to speak to the superintendent and they were expelled as a result….Many other students boycotted the school system by not returning to class after the students were expelled.” Deputy Superintendent Iddings added, “Students who were passing at the time were allowed to move on to the next grade but 18 students were not allowed to receive their diplomas as a result and we think this is a good time to correct that.”

That is where my confusion kicks in. Correct what? Is Mr. Iddings attempting to correct the grades of 18 students from 48 years ago?

Superintendent Dr. Michael Duncan noted that the students deserve to receive their diplomas and he wants to present them as the students would like. He adds, “We need to draft a resolution to allow us to move forward with this and we need to try to move with a sense of urgency as several members of that class are deceased and others are ill.”

That is ludicrous.

If Dr. Michael Duncan and the BOE can manipulate the grades of 18 students from 48 years ago, surely they can heal the ones who are ill and raise the ones who are dead, so they can walk across the stage and personally receive their diploma.

It appears the school system did not need that tax increase after all. They evidently have sufficient time and people to Dig Up non-problems from 48 years ago on which to waste their time.


Sheila Tolley

Class of 1969 PCHS

Go Pirates!

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