The Editor:   What is Hog Apocalypse,  LL ?

Suey Pig Cat:  That is when Texans can’t kill enough wild hogs to protect their crops and property.  For some reasons Texans have lost their identity.  Sam Houston is probably turning over in his Enchilada.  If you can’t kill a few wild hogs, move to Oregon.

Stand up for Texas, here is a good example.  This guy took care of business with a baby in his arms.

This is certainly a far cry from when a riot was going to occur in Dallas.   They sent one ( 1 )  Texas Ranger to bring  law and order, when the towns people asked where all the help was, The Ranger replied,  ” I thought you only had one ( 1 )  riot.

TE:  Is there anything we can do, SPC ?

Lone Star Cat:   We can’t do anything substantial, but we won’t play these songs until they solve their identity problems.

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