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Walk on Water

Dallas heard that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had all walked on water on their 21st birthdays.

So, on his 21st birthday, Dallas and his big brother Damon, headed out to the lake. “If they did it, I can too!” he insisted.

When Dallas and Damon arrived at the lake, they rented a canoe and began paddling. When they got to the middle of the lake, Dallas stepped off of the side of the boat… and nearly drowned. Furious and somewhat embarrassed, he and Damon headed for home. When Dallas arrived back at the family home, he asked his grandmother for an explanation. “Grandma, why can’t I walk on water like my father, and his father, and his father before him?”

His sweet old grandmother took Dallas by the hand, looked into his eyes, and explained, “That’s because your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were born in January. You, my dear, were born in June.”




Don’t forget the Rose Parade.


The Editor:   Why are you writing about football, LL ?

First and Ten Cat:  I’m tired of politics.  The University of Georgia has a chance for the national championship.  Here is their last Rose Bowl visit.  Back then Californians spoke English.

Here is their best game in their last championship season ( 1980 ).

Here is part of the Ice Bowl.

I like these two Alabama plays.

There are no good football songs that I could find.   Happy New Year.



The Editor:  Is this a special, LL ?

Virtual Cat:   Not really, but we do have a few links that might help our loyal readers avoid death.

Our loyal readers in The Golden State should be careful while driving.

An apple a day and a salad may help your health.

The single easiest way to improve your health is stop drinking Cokes, sodas, soft drinks, pops, etc.

The Editor:  You don’t approve of soft-drinks, LL ?

Virtual Cat:   They are right behind anti-freeze on the good for you scale.   Look at these kids,  half look like albinos and the others like serial killers.

Family Matters

“Why doesn’t your mother like me?” a woman asks her boyfriend.

“Don’t take it personally,” he assures her. “She’s never liked anyone I’ve dated. I once dated someone exactly like her, and that didn’t work out at all.”

“What happened?”

“My father couldn’t stand her.”





The Editor:   What is the title about, LL ?

Sh,Sh,Sh, Cat:   It’s about people who haven’t been elected to office running the government.  They use money and power to bribe our elected representatives.

It isn’t a secret anymore.  The big-money people, banks, and companies buy our government employees to make policy rather than representing what the citizens elected them to do.  Their goal is to do away with boarders, The English Language, and our culture.  They want America divided into sections where some speak English, some speak Spanish, and some speak Arabic.  The net effect is a divided country with uneducated, illiterate people with no common values that depend on the government for everything.  Here is an example ( from Europe ) which is further along, thanks to war criminal  Bush 43.

The cat is out of the bag.  The FBI and CIA have become political organizations working for their own enhancement and the Progressive Democrats.

TE:  What will happen Sh, Sh, Sh,   cat ?

America is still doomed.  Look no further than Lois  Lerner from the IRS.


The Editor:  Can’t we get away from money, LL ?

Ben Franklin Cat:  It or a replacement makes the ” world go round “.

Here are some big bucks.

Here are some early travelers.  One thing everyone should know is that Archeologist have their minds made up about where humans originated and when.

Here are some travelers that wound up in England,  but no one explained that many of their old culture values are not welcome.  They are also in America.

Here is a Demorat Congresswoman getting her just desserts & the seat of another customer.

This is an illusion, like the Texas Congress Creep’s self-importance.  What a pile of dung.


The  Editor:  Is there anything new, LL ?

I’m  A Believer Cat:   There sure is,  I didn’t take the articles about plastics, cell phone towers, cell phones, or chemicals like pesticides and insecticides that I write about seriously until today.  A giant sperm was photographed over California.  No one knows where it is going, so far.  Just be careful, and take those pills.


The Editor:   I sure hope our loyal readers are careful.  I also hope Mr. Sperm doesn’t get close to the CNN or MSNBC studios.  That would be worse than Godzilla visiting.

Watch Out Cat:  That would set off the propaganda readers on a snit worse than when Hill-gal lost.  Can you imagine the host on those channels getting so close to a sperm or testosterone.   

I just hope that our loyal readers are more wise than foolish.