The Editor:   What language is that, LL ?

Achtung Cat:    That’s German, it means enjoying the problems of other people.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..3.21.1839…0i131k1.0.sWMWCbZe_cg

TE:   I know it isn’t illegal to get some satisfaction from the misfortune of others. but isn’t it immoral or a sin ?

Karma Cat:  I have listened or read about a bunch of the recent people, fired, kicked out, or who retired to spend time with their families and grand-children.  Many have been in the news business or what passes for it in modern America.  Matt Lauer is the most recent.

I have enjoyed seeing the people associated with news get what they deserve.  The bunch of pompous, self-righteous creeps who give half-truths, lies, and fake news.  The fall-out has even reach Congress.  Hopefully it will reach the Super-Companies that own the so called news companies ( CNN  & MSNBC ).

What is a cat-puzzle is why are all of the revelations, some 20 years old and known for 20 years, are coming out now ?  Clinton’s buddies are even throwing her under her old campaign bus.

Oh, look-Nancy is throwing Conyers under the bus.  She just said on Sunday that he was going up on Mt. Rushmore.

What a bunch of immoral repulsive skanks.  It’s like a death by a thousand cuts.

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