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My Response to James Comey…..

Evidently James Comey thinks he is in the clear. “Hey, James… ain’t over till the fat lady, Hillary, is singing Jailhouse Rock.  You are still her potential choir member. I enjoyed the Bible scripture that you twittered. “But justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” Amos 5:24. I dedicate this quote to you.”

“Are you tall? Are you strong? How big are your hands? You must be honest with yourself, or you will end up using the wrong bat.”

-Pete Rose-

(Post by Sheila Tolley)


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Messier Craters in Stereo
Image Credit: Apollo 11, NASA; Stereo Image Copyright Patrick Vantuyne

Explanation: Many bright nebulae and star clusters in planet Earth’s sky are associated with the name of astronomer Charles Messier, from his famous 18th century catalog. His name is also given to these two large and remarkable craters on the Moon. Standouts in the dark, smooth lunar Sea of Fertility or Mare Fecunditatis, Messier (left) and Messier A have dimensions of 15 by 8 and 16 by 11 kilometers respectively. Their elongated shapes are explained by a left-to-right moving, extremely shallow-angle trajectory followed by an impactor that gouged out the craters. The shallow impact also resulted in two bright rays of material extending along the surface to the right, beyond the picture. Intended to be viewed with red/blue glasses (red for the left eye), this striking stereo picture of the crater pair was recently created from high resolution scans of two images (AS11-42-6304, AS11-42-6305) taken during the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Tomorrow’s picture: super moon silhouettes





The  Editor:  Do you have a problem with Support Animals on Airplanes, LL ?

When Monkeys Fly Cat:    I sure do, support animals include snakes, lizards, pigs, and even dwarf ponies.   No one wants these creatures in the seat next to them.  Leave them at home or put them in the cargo hold.  The airlines should show a little concern for their customers who are not mental cases.

Animals like cats and dogs have been together with us  for 6,000 years, and it works.

TE:  Is there a difference between support and service animals, WMFC ?

Helen Keller Cat:   There sure is. service animals help blind people, The Armed Forces, veterans, and other people with physical problems.

You can’t take the whole farm on airplanes.