Letter to the Editor

…and to all a good night!

I remember when writing fiction was easy. That is no longer the case. Just as I get the “Once upon a time…..” typed, a Breaking News Alert pops up on my television and my intended plot is turned into non-fiction. Each hour, it seems, is met by another congressman who is stepping forth in order to step aside before they are stepped on by their “presumed secret” adventures of their disgusting, distant past. Karma is working overtime, isn’t she? Congress has not moved this fast since an elevator fell in the Capitol. President Trump can just coast on his campaign promise to Drain the Swamp….give congress a few more weeks and it will drain itself.

Barely two weeks ago, I could not find a channel without seeing Hillary Clinton. Evidently, she and Bill have closed up Ye Olde Lying Shoppe. That is just my luck. I wanted to see the tread marks where the Democrats threw them under the bus, but I can no longer find them. I will not worry too much about the missing Clintons. They are like gasoline prices, they will reappear….bigger than ever. I hope they crawl out from under that bus just in time for Hillary to run against whomever the DNC selects as their 2020 candidate. That would be a Hillary Hoot! Yes, that will teach Donna Brazille to let the truth out of the bag!

This current Involuntary Conscience Cleansing is also giving Hollywood a little makeover.  Thanks… Weinstein. When they get through ripping up all the terrazzo and brass stars on  Hollywood and Vine, they will need to resurface the entire boulevard. There you have it, folks….more jobs. We will have so many jobs in congress and construction…we may have to ask old people to retire early.

As these hourly updates of shamed congressmen and movie stars continue, it will eventually get boring. Ho Hum, yawn, yawn.

I am a little worried though, with this new exposure of past sexual harassment charges and Christmas on the horizon…I fear that millions of  “little girls from Christmas’ past” will shed a bad light on…..

a fat, jolly man in a red suit who encouraged them to sit in his lap!


Get away….Ebenezer Scrooge.

Merry Christmas to all!

Sheila Tolley


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