The Editor:   Is this about alphabet B’s, LL ?

B  Cat:  No, it;s about a mayor and a governor who are both Progressive, which means they want your money and God Given Rights.  They both want you to accept and get used to their ideas.   One is terrorism, the other is having your home burned to the ground.  The terrorism problem can mostly be handled by venting immigrants,  including infiltrating Mosques with FBI agents.  At one time the KKK had more FBI agents in attendance than members.

The second is California fires.   Change your land management policies, and don’t build where the Santa Ana wind is the worst.  It’s the same as don’t build in a flood-plain.

Just when they finish this church, everyone wants to be a witch.

Take the 360 tour first.

The Navajos are returning to their spirit gods.

2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—-LET IT BE

  1. I love this song that Lois Lion has selected as the song for today. I have the most amazing Mentor on this earth. Just this week I asked him about a little problem that was on my mind. His answer was basically, Let it Be….I would share my mentor with you, but that is the ONE and only possession I have surrounded by a wall of Great Greed. Don’t mess with my mentor.

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