The Editor:  Is that a big task, LL ?

PC Cat:  I’ll  say.  Here is my first attempt to get in the mainstream of American Culture.   When I ask our computer for certain things that were accepted in the past she will automatically go to our new designations.

The Editor:  Can you give our loyal readers some guide lines to go by, PC Cat ?

Here is my current archive categories regarding races of people.

Bananas referred to Asians who wanted to be Caucasian.  Yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

Ores referred to African-Americans who wanted to be Caucasian.  Black outside, but white inside.

Apples referred to Native Americans, who were red outside but wanted to be white inside.

Coconuts referred to our brown brothers, who are brown outside but white inside.

TE:  What about the Caucasians or white people, what do they want ?

Calico Cat:  They just want to be crackers,  keep inventing stuff, make money, and be happy.

TE:  What about the Caucasians that want to give America away along with their blue/green/haze/etc., eyes ?

They are called losers, they want other peoples money and God given rights.

TE:  Have your improvements for race classifications helped society, CC ?

Caffeine  Cat:  I sure hope so, it was a lot of work.  Here are the new groups, everyone can pick their own-like their sex.

If you need help ask Juan Valdez.

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