Ole Kris Matthews, the hate spewing MSNBC employee has to pay his dues.  He isn’t as self-righteous and sanctimonious as he would like us to believe.


The Editor:  Who is not surprised, LL ?

I Can’t Take It Anymore   Cat:   Any one who is a loyal reader of The Sphinx is not surprised at these articles.  It would be more surprising if the Feds or State Governments actually tested products.  All I hear is ” a little won’t hurt you “.

The head of the Congressional Ethics  Office is being sued for sexual abuse.

Trump opens up 80,000 jobs for Americans.

There are no ex/former Marines.


  1. Good Morning, Lois Lion….I guess Chris Matthews knows what Hard Ball really is since Karma tossed him that one. One, Two Three strikes, you’re out in the old ball game!

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