The  Editor:  Is there anything new, LL ?

I’m  A Believer Cat:   There sure is,  I didn’t take the articles about plastics, cell phone towers, cell phones, or chemicals like pesticides and insecticides that I write about seriously until today.  A giant sperm was photographed over California.  No one knows where it is going, so far.  Just be careful, and take those pills.


The Editor:   I sure hope our loyal readers are careful.  I also hope Mr. Sperm doesn’t get close to the CNN or MSNBC studios.  That would be worse than Godzilla visiting.

Watch Out Cat:  That would set off the propaganda readers on a snit worse than when Hill-gal lost.  Can you imagine the host on those channels getting so close to a sperm or testosterone.   

I just hope that our loyal readers are more wise than foolish.

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