At the races…..

My best friend (MBF) and I often discuss politics. I would never disclose MBF name….because the person would mark me off their best friend list. I refuse to have that happen. Today we discussed  the renewed and increased frequency of obama (little o) public exposures. I call him little o because he does not deserve a capital letter from me.  MBF wishes obama would get a hobby. LOL

Do you folks in Readerland have any good suggestions for little o hobbies? Just add them to the comment section at the bottom of this post if any come to mind.

I was telling MBF how quickly I can find my remote and change the channel when little o’s communist, unAmerican mug  invades my tv screen. I even had my Jack Russell Terrier trained to change it for me. He done really well except when a dog food commercial popped up. After I told him that little o ate dogs, he got his priorities back straight. He could change that channel before little o could even form an ugly shadow. That is quite a trick you know, since little o led from was hard to see his shadow…way back there.

I want you to think about that famous slogan of his….“Leading From Behind.” Just think about that a minute.  Picture it in any surroundings or events that you have witnessed in  your entire life. Now, tell me just one time where it would have been effective. Every time I hear it, it puts me in a happy mood because it is the most ridiculous and hilarious group of words that have ever been compiled to form a  phrase. Another little o original for his legacy.
Leaders are in front, not behind. Stages and performers are in front of audiences,  pulpits and preachers are in front of congregations,  teachers are in front of students, the point guy walks in front of the troops in combat, the pace car is in front of the others in car racing…and on and on.


I like to imagine obama, hillary and the DNC as  jockeys in the Kentucky Derby. His horses’ name will be LeadingFromBehind, hers will be  WhatHappened the DNC will be riding RussianCollusion ....and the announcer says:

“And bringing up the REAR, we have LeadingFromBehind followed by WhatHappened, ..wait a minute folks RussianCollusion is taking over third from last place. Look at that, people, RussianCollusion has overtaken LeadingFromBehind and WhatHappened….I cannot believe it…RussianCollusion has turned around and is running in the wrong direction. Now LeadingFromBehind and WhatHappened are running from RussianCollusion. I have never seen a derby like this people. I need a drink!
-Sheila Tolley-

5 thoughts on “At the races…..

  1. Here is what Hill-creep’s book should have been named. ” Help Me ” instead of What The F*** Happened.. She fell into Trump’s spider web.

  2. Yes indeed..and he is wrapping her up like Old King Tut…and I am loving it. BUT, it is going to take one helluva lot of linen.

  3. My Mother, Alma Tolley, had a slogan that was handed down through many generations, it went like this….”If the dam and sire trots, don’t expect the colt to pace.” Something children should think about as they “raise their children.”

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