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Our loyal readers in Florida should be on the watch for Iguanas falling out of trees like coconuts.  As the article says they are just cold not dead,  a couple of whacks with a stick could help nature eliminate this invasive species.


The Editor:  Wut is wasteful, LL ?

Poison Cat:  It’s probably too late to help, but every plastic food and drink container should have a 25 cent deposit.  The oil companies are pushing plastics now that electric cars are being mandated by many states and countries.  Use paper or other recyclables.  The oil companies should be investing in charging-stations.

New  York wastes enough money to buy both Senators and all of their Representatives.  Three thousand million dollars a mile, what a joke.  Shut the tunnel and use the money on the border.

Musk is drilling his at 1/3 the price.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Carina over Lake Ballard
Image Credit & Copyright: William Vrbasso

Explanation: A jewel of the southern sky, the Great Carina Nebula, also known as NGC 3372, is one of our galaxy’s largest star forming regions. Easily visible to the unaided eye it stands high above the signature hill of Lake Ballard, ephemeral salt lake of Western Australia, in this serene night skyscape from December 25, 2017. The Milky Way itself stretches beyond the southern horizon. Along the Milky Way, bright stars Alpha and Beta Centauri lie just above the hill’s right flank, with the Southern Cross and dark Coalsack Nebula above the hill top. Based on a 22 panel mosaic, the scene was cropped to reveal more closely the beauty of this region of the southern Milky Way. On that short summer night, a star tracking camera mount was used to record the mosaic images of the sky, but turned off to image the foreground in moonlight.

Tomorrow’s picture: light-weekend