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The Editor:   What’s the difference between ancient and old, LL ?

Mean Motor Scooter Cat:   Ancient is before written history.  Here is a video that Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be comfortable with, she has seen Tyrannosaurus Rex in person.

Elizabeth Warren has discovered her connection with early Native Americans.

When will people learn about Pit Bulls–taking a muzzle off was a stupid idea.  If you have company visit or children you don’t need a Pit Bull.

People are basically stoopid.

Everyone is trying to figure out this case, every thing from a bad puppy-hood to the environment.  Maybe it was a bad decision to own the dogs.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Tether in Space
Image Credit: TSS-1, STS-46 Crew, NASA

Explanation: One of the greatest unrequited legends of outer space is the tether. Tethers, long strands of material, hold the promise of stabilizing satellites, generating electricity, and allowing easy transportation. Possibly the most ambitious vision of the space tether is the space elevator popularized by Arthur C. Clarke, where a tether is constructed that connects the ground to geosynchronous orbit. One problem is strength – it is difficult to make a long useful tether that does not snap. Pictured here is the deployment of the Tethered Satellite System 1 (TSS-1) by the space shuttle Altantis in 1992. Like other tested tethers, TSS-1 failed to live up to its promise, although many valuable lessons were learned.

Tomorrow’s picture: clouds of andromeda