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Here is another lithium-ion battery fire hazard.  I wonder who tests these products.


The Editor:  Is the season over, LL ?

Toe To Leather Cat:   It is for college.  Tonight is the last game.  The Georgia Dawgs and Ala-damn Bama.  I hope it is a good game.

One good thing to come from the cold weather was one of our loyal readers achieved the honor of Georgia Peach up from Georgia Cracker.  MST surprised Amigo, who had emptied some  cheese-eggs about 100 feet from his house.  Instead of the crows showing up six buzzards were there in 30 minutes.  Amigo was puzzled, but MST said the dead animals were frozen and had no odor.    You never know who is a genius.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Clouds of Andromeda
Image Credit & Copyright: Daniel López / IAC

Explanation: What are those red clouds surrounding the Andromeda galaxy? This galaxy, M31, is often imaged by planet Earth-based astronomers. As the nearest large spiral galaxy, it is a familiar sight with dark dust lanes, bright yellowish core, and spiral arms traced by clouds of bright blue stars. A mosaic of well-exposed broad and narrow-band image data, this colorful portrait of our neighboring island universe offers strikingly unfamiliar features though, faint reddish clouds of glowing ionized hydrogen gas in the same wide field of view. These ionized hydrogen clouds surely lie in the foreground of the scene, well within our Milky Way Galaxy. They are likely associated with the pervasive, dusty interstellar cirrus clouds scattered hundreds of light-years above our own galactic plane.

Tomorrow’s picture: hubble’s pillow