The Editor:   Is the weather easing up, LL ?

Polar Cat:  It sure is, here are some facts about the cold.  The Bomb Cyclone is  similar to a Nor’easter, or blizzard.

Here are some unusual ocean waves.

The cold can be helpful in controlling some pest.  For specific pests use Google.

The Iguanas falling from trees in Florida will survive unless some loyal readers ”  whacked them all “.  This may sound cruel, but after a few generations they will have eaten everything.  They have no natural enemies in the Sunshine State.  Before long this will happen, and the Floridians will get upset.

The Editor:   What can be done PC ?

Black Death Cat:  The best thing is to let these ” third worlders ” immigrate, and bring their long dead family members in as part of the chain migration policy.  The Bubonic  Plague from their long dead relatives might kill the lizards.

If everyone is killed they won’t have to worry about the blessings of technology.–finance.html



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