The  Editor:   Is this a cat prediction, LL ?

Roman Cat:  No, I am just a student of history.  The Ole Roman Empire did the same thing.  The Caesars were corrupt, the families fell apart, and when the party was at its best, big gladiator fights in the coliseum couldn’t stop the barbarians.

The last true course in college in now under assault,  MATHEMATICS.   It makes the world go round, everything physical is designed by engineers.  Here is an idiot-goof ball.

Maybe the fools are already in charge.  Boston & Atlanta can’t keep their airports open.

The biggest Consumer Electronic Show can’t keep the electricity on.

Does anyone think that uneducated politically correct fools could build this.

The next thing the do-gooders will want is Sharia Law in America, honor killings, and child marriages.  You already have child sex slaves coming across the border.


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