A state employee pushed the real nuclear attack alert button in Hawaii on Saturday.  It is human error.  Maybe during a test a supervisor should be present.   More to follow.

Maybe they need a drama button.


The Editor:  Is this about a movie, LL ?

2018 Cat:  No, it’s just some news.  The first is an improvement.

Coke has some new poison, make sure you Google Aspartame side effects.

Here is a story about ABC and its midget Clinton boot licker.  If we still had phone books he would sit on one.  Besides being short, he is not qualified to be anything in the news business.  He escaped from Disney’s Small World.  Disney owns ABC News.   In the news photo they cover up his feet.  This is similar to Hill-loser and her special podium for short-losers during the debates.

The Sahara Desert gets over a foot of snow.

A new vacancy for a flight attendant has opened.


One thought on “THE SPHINX—GOOD, BAD, & UGLY

  1. Good morning, Lois Lion. I like the Drama Button idea. We need one for the Democrats, Hollywood and Snowflakes. Push that button and Donald Trump lookalikes appear everywhere…. From every door, through every window, as taxi cab drivers, as pizza delivery drivers, etc. They would even be the doorman to the safe spaces…

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