Lois Lion Turns 5 Years Old


Gee, it seems like just yesterday when Tolley’s Topics was introduced to the world. It was not yesterday, nor was it yesteryear. Lois Lion has been writing and posting The Sphinx for five years. Lois Lion has always been dependable. Sheila obviously has her lazy days….. not so with Lois Lion. She has been welcomed to 131 countries during that five years. She is found on Tolley’s Topics, everyday, without fail. The songs that close The Sphinx each day, are a favorite among its readers.

As a tribute to Lois Lion and her many editions of  The Sphinx, I have re-posted her songs from her first month,  January 2013. One of Lois Lion’s favorite fans is Steve Reeves. Steve played in a band himself and has always had a crush on Linda Ronstadt. Hang with us Steve, Linda has a way of coming back to visit with you here at The Sphinx.

Lois Lion’s very first posted song title was Start Me Up..such an appropriate title. It started her on her trip around the world. I will be posting her historical monthly song summary, from 5 years prior, on the first day of each month….for your listening pleasure.

Feel free to rock along with Lois Lion with the following songs from her beginning days 5 long years ago. She has requested that you keep the volume down, because she is trying to sleep!





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